10 Tips For The Wedding Week

Hello fellow brides and grooms! I am creating a series of blogs that give wedding advice on all things wedding related. This is meant for us who are in the fun, exciting, sometimes stressful, and ultimately unique position of planning the fairytale wedding of our dreams. No matter how far along you are in this process, there is something to gain for everyone! Keep checking back to see my latest post on weddings and learn how YOU can reduce your stress and maximize your fun.

What exactly inspired me to start this series? First and foremost, I want to create this series because I myself am a bride-to-be. I have been working my way through this wedding process since January and now my wedding is only a month away! I want to give back some of the knowledge I have gained in this process to others who are about to be, or currently are, in this stage of life. Secondly, I am in love with weddings. As a photographer specializing in weddings, I am making it my mission to understand more than just the photographic side to weddings. Instead, I want to understand and share knowledge on all things wedding related.

Starting this week, you can expect to see a series of blog posts that focus on all aspects of planning and hosting a wedding. Whether it is a full-blown event, or a small occasion, there will be something in here for everyone. You can expect to find wedding advice and tips from me on a multitude of topics that range from after the proposal, all the way to the honeymoon! If there is a topic that YOU want to read about or see covered, please feel free to contact me HERE. I always welcome topic suggestions and for you to give me advice of your own. After all, I am in the same boat as every bride and groom trying to plan their fairytale wedding come true!

Hi all and welcome to another part in my blog series titled: Planning your Fairytale! This series is all about helping YOU plan your wedding and minimize your stress doing so. Being recently married myself, I recognize the importance of advice from others. Last time, we talked about wedding timelines and to do lists.

This time, I’ll be sharing some reminders for brides and grooms on what they should do in the week leading up to their wedding. The wedding week can be very stressful for some as their anxiety begins to set in and they wonder what they might be forgetting. I’m here to give you a few answers on what you may be forgetting to do in that final time leading up to the big day!

Do yourself a favor and put on your full look the week of your wedding. This includes your shoes, jewelry and hair pieces. By doing this, you can be sure you’re happy with your look! Plus, if there is something wrong with one of your pieces, you can find out ahead of time instead of on your big day!

This wedding day emergency kit should contain some of the following: Make-up, bobby pins, safety pins, clear nail polish, comb, hair spray, tissues, a sewing kit, white chalk, saltine crackers, band aids, toothpaste & brush, dental floss, breath mints. You never know what you will need during your wedding day and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Many brides are so engrossed by the wedding dress that they forget to buy a beautiful hanger to display it on! This hanger will be stellar for when your photographer wants to take pictures of your dress before you put it on. Come on, you don’t want to put all this money into the dress just to display it on something you don’t like.

Delegate tasks prior to wedding day so everyone knows what they are responsible for. This could be in the form of printing out to do lists for people, or starting a group message where you delegate tasks for everyone. Either way, you have built-in help with a bridal party so take advantage of it ahead of time. Delegating tasks ahead of time will ensure the little things don’t get forgotten and you can rest assured knowing you’ve taken care of this all before your wedding day.

If your venue is okay with it, drop off any decorations or miscellaneous objects ahead of time! By getting these items to the right spot in advance, it will be one less thing you need to do on your wedding day! This will free up your hands and head the day of your wedding so you can enjoy yourself better and be less stressed.

Photographers and guests are all going to want to get a close look at your rings! Don’t wait until your wedding day to notice the dirt and grime on them. ESPECIALLY on your engagement ring! The week of the wedding is a perfect time to take the rings in for a final inspection and cleaning so you can show off the bling on your big day.

Brides, this one is especially for you! Nothing can be worse than the first day in a pair of new shoes (especially heals). Sometimes the shoes we buy may look adorable but end up leaving our feet with blisters and pain. Don’t wait to discover this on your wedding day! Even if it’s walking around your home in them, break your shoes in early so you can know what to expect on your wedding day.

Take it from me, you do not want to put off packing for the honeymoon. I procrastinated on this and it meant I forgot plenty of essentials on my trip! It’s easy to be focused on the wedding but the honeymoon can be just as important. Give yourself plenty of time by packing the week before your wedding so you can have your bags ready to go before you even say “I do.”

Ladies, this one is for you again! Not only will your nails look perfect when getting a ring shot or picture of you holding your bouquet, but this time allows you to sit back and relax during your wedding week. Take some time out to treat yourself to getting your nails done and try to enjoy all the attention!

I can’t stress this enough! Get the rest you need. Ultimately, if you’re tired on your wedding day, you’re going to have a harder time enjoying yourself than if you’re feeling refreshed. Take some time leading up to your wedding to rest up and relax.

Hopefully this list has helped you discover something you have forgotten, or reassured you that you’re alright! Either way, it’s always good to double-check. After all, your wedding is a pretty big deal!